We have tried to stay with core sires that are what we consider to be the pillars of the modern functional Angus female. When we first bought our registered Angus cows, most of them had QAS Traveler 23-4, Rito 054 GDAR, Shoshone Viking GD60 or Rito 2100 GDAR in some combination close up in the pedigree.

We then added Leachman Right Time (and a few of his sons) and McCumber 5009 Rito 8007 (an 054 grandson out of a AAR New Trend daughter - Gale 045 of McCumber) and most of the cows now show these two sires in their ancestry. Both have left us with plenty of solid daughters and granddaughters.

In 2008, we purchased a few straws of Traveler 23-4 and used it on a few Right Time daughters. The results of these matings have always been bull calves. One of which is Gurr Lake Right Time 903 (Milestone), who has been breeding cows here now for 7 seasons. His sons and daughters have been very nice cattle. There is a 3/4 brother to him in our yearling bull pen that looks like he might be a nice bull too.

In 2013 after seeing promising results in other herds from Rito 707 sons, we purchased McCumber 8R101 Rito 254 to get 707's influence into our herd. We have also used Sinclair Entrepreneur 8R101 as an AI service sire and his first daughters will be calving this spring (2017).

In the next round of using classic sires, we picked Dietz Rito 4502 (a direct Rito 054 son) from Dietz Family Angus last spring. We exposed him to about 100 cows just days after he stepped off the trailer. We ran him with the herd for a couple weeks before splitting the cows up and moving them to pastures. We are really looking forward to see what his calves will do.

We do also test some of the newer genetics as they come along, but we have found that the classic sires seem to hold up just fine against the newer competition and give us a predictable genetic base. Current pasture sires include: Gurr Lake Traveler 903, Gurr Lake 903 Traveler 273, S R Paxton 252, McCumber 8R101 Rito 254, McCumber Fortunate 3259, Dietz Rito 4502, and Gurr Lake Game Day 522.